Best Climbing Harness

Are you tired of that horribly uncomfortable gym rental harness? It’s about time to upgrade to a real rock climbing harness!

So before saying too much the best climbing harness is one that keeps you safe. Climbing is dangerous so if you don’t get a harness from this list make sure it is made by a trusted manufacturer. Also be sure to know when it’s time to retire an old harness.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way lets talk about what makes a harness the best.

Sport Climbing HarnessFirst things first, the harness should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You will often be in a harness for hours at a time. This includes brutal redpoint attempts and long marathon belay sessions. Consider that you or your partner might need to hangdog for a few minutes on a route. Features like adjustable leg loops and a padded waistband will help with this issue.

Additionally, the climbing harness should fit your style of climbing. For example, if you are a Trad Head you will need sturdy gear loops to haul all your pieces, whereas, if you are a Speed Climber mobility and weight will be your biggest concerns. For more information on different types of climbing harnesses check out this article by REI. We will assume for this article that everyone is mainly a Gym or Sport Climber.

Other important features include style, brand, color, and weight. Although none of these are crucial for the average climber it never hurts to consider it when choosing the best climbing harness for you.

Top 5 – Best Climbing Harnesses

#5 Camp USA Energy Harness

Comfort: Leg straps are hard to adjust

Style: All around Climbing

Features: 4 gear loops, Autolocking buckle

The Camp Energy Harness is a good entry level harness for anyone looking to get more comfort and versatility than a gym rental harness.

This harness is perfect for the All Around climber that hasn’t picked a discipline yet. This model is also budget friendly so it’s good for our dirtbag crowd.

#4 Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Comfort: Bullhorn-shaped waist belt

Style: All around Climbing

Features: 4 gear loops, Trakfit adjustment for leg loop

The Black Diamond Momentum Harness has everything you need and nothing you don’t. With an emphasis on comfort and functionality, this harness is the best for beginner Sport Climbers and Gym Climbers alike.

This long lasting harness will stay strong for years and will be pleasant to wear the whole time.

For all our lady crusher check out the Primrose Model

#3 Petzl Corax Harness

Comfort: FRAME Technology Distributes Weight

Style: Sport and Ice Climbing

Features: 4 gear loops, compatible with CARITOOL EVO

Petzl has always been a leader in the market for its constant innovation and top-notch quality. The Corax Harness is no exception.

A good harness for the 4 season climber, the Petzl Corax is a must have for any climber that fancies a pick over chalk.

Ladies check out the Petzel Luna

#2 Arcteryx AR-395a Harness

Comfort: WARP STRENGTH (lightweight and strong)

Style: All Around Climbing and Mountaineering

Features: 5 gear loops, Wear Signals, Autolocking

The Arcteryx AR-395a Harness is the Cadillac of Harnesses. The comfort and performance of this harness with unparalleled. There really isn’t anything bad to say about this harness expect it cost about 3 times as much as most harnesses.

If you have the cash you won’t be disappointed with the harness.

Women’s Model

#1 Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness

Comfort: Fusion Comfort Technology and Contoured Fit

Style: Hard Sport Climbing

Features: 4 gear loops, Releasable Riser

Designed with the modern day Sport Climber in mind, the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness is the premier climbing harness in today’s market.

It fuses lightweight technology with all-day comfort and still comes in at a reasonable price.

Wheather you are trying to climb a grade harder or just starting out lead climbing you should pick up a Solution Harness ASAP!

Ladies, make sure to pick one up too!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our review of the best climbing harnesses. If you see something you like leave us a comment below. If you see something you didn’t like then go away… (just kidding let us know that as well!)

If you love Sport Climbing check out the best sport climbing shoes for the most up to date list of crusher shoes.

Make sure to stay safe out there. Although a Harness is an important piece of gear for safety nothing is more important than a good belay. Unfortunately, you can’t order one of those online…

Have fun, be safe, and keep crushing!

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