Best Rock Climbing Shoes

So what does it mean to be the Best Rock Climbing Shoes?

Does the shoe make you climb harder or does it fit your foot like a glove? Well, the answer isn’t that simple.

To be considered the best climbing shoe, the shoe would have to perform the best in every style of climbing. While this is not possible we will list the best shoe for each of the following categories.

  • Best Bouldering Shoes
  • Best Sport Climbing Shoes
  • Best Trad Climbing Shoes
  • Best Gym Climbing Shoes
  • Best All-around Climbing Shoes

With these 5 categories, you can be sure to have the best climbing shoes for your disposable at any time. In any case, these shoes will have superior rubber soles, optimized geometry, and preferred comfort.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Bouldering

La Sportiva Solutions

The La Sportiva Solutions are the most trusted shoes among Boulderers. They have been known to send V16 and are constantly used in competition climbing. Featuring the ever-popular Vibram rubber soles, you won’t have to worry about slipping on any foot jibs.

The P3 Powerband makes the Solutions some of the most aggressive and resilient climbing shoes on the market.

The fit and function of the La Sportiva Solutions make them well worth their price tag. Check out the Women’s fit and also our Best Bouldering Shoes review.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Sport Climbing

La Sportiva Miuras

The Miuras by La Sportiva are the most successful climbing shoes of all time. With the design staying virtually unchanged for over 20 years, the Miuras are ready for anything.

Known for concurring the Dawn Wall, climbing 5.15, and crushing it in the gym, the Miuras cannot be defeated.

Pick up a pair of Miuras and enjoy the superior edging capability and extreme comfort. Also, make sure to look at the other Sport Climbing Shoe reviews.

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Trad Climbing

Five Ten Anasazi

The Anasazi Lace-up is the big brother to the famous “Mocs” slippers. These shoes are perfect for long pitches of crack climbing. The above average comfort allows them to be worn for hours on end without having to take them off.

The Stealth C4 rubber soles will make that sketchy smear over a bad placement that much more solid. You really can’t beat the versatility of these top-shelf shoes.

Did we mention they are Pink? That’s cool, right?

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Indoor Climbing

La Sportiva Oxygyms

Ok so by this point you must be thinking this is a promotion for La Sportiva. Unforutuanly it isn’t, La Sportiva Climbing Shoes are just that good. The Oxygyms are in a category of their own. Perfect for beginners and advanced climbers alike.

The Oxygyms are machine washable so you can keep them clean and smelling fresh. The shoes are also extremely durable and ready for hours and hours of gym sessions. Make sure to read about our other picks for Gym Shoes here.

Best Rock Climbing Shoe (All-around)

Scarpa Vapor V

Look for a shoe that is good for everything but not perfect for anything, the Scarpa Vapor V is the shoe for you. Slightly aggressive with a comfortable fit, and durable design, the Vapors are ready for anything you throw at them.

Rocking a Vibram Sole, the Scarpa Vapors will outperform the competition.

The closure system is easy to use so it is no problem taking the shoes on and off. They also have excellent edge geometry and fit.

In Conclusion

We hope you like the Best Climbing Shoe list presented above. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below.

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