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Bouldering Alone

Bouldering AloneClimbing has always been done in pairs, relying on a partner to catch your falls. Although it is always fun to have a friend to climb with, our busy lives and numerous commitments make it hard to find a partner that can fit a schedule. Incomes Solo Bouldering.

Bouldering has exploded onto the scene during the last 5-10 years. Gaining popularity in both the gym and outdoors. One of the reasons it has become so popular is you can do it by yourself. With Bouldering, you don’t have to find a person you trust to climb, you can just head out and crush!

Climbing alone is easy. Continue reading for a full guide on how to make a Solo Bouldering trip.

The Gear – Solo Bouldering Crashpads

Bouldering is a very simple form of climbing. All you need is shoes, chalk, and (oh ya) a super bulky, heavy crashpad.

Unfortunately yes, to safely Boulder you need to have at least 1 good crashpad, preferably 2 or 3. The problem is that crashpads can be very difficult to carry. Luckily we have the best solution so you can get the maximum area of padding for the lowest price and still be carryable.

Keep on reading to find out what is the best crashpad for Solo Bouldering!

What you need

1. Metolius Magnum Trifold Crashpad

The Metolius Trifold Crashpad is the best crashpad for the money!

This behemoth of a crashpad covers twice the area of a normal crashpad and folds up into a nice little package. This is the best pad for bouldering alone.

  • Burly new fabrics for maximum durability and new cross-clipper-logo rug for cleaning shoes
  • Massive 4 x 6′ (1.2 x 1.8 m) tri-fold design and increased (4″ / 100 mm) foam
  • New sandwich foam design for maximum Impact Absorption: (1″ / 25 mm) closed-cell top layer, (2.5″ / 60 mm) open-cell center, (0.5″ / 15 mm) closed-cell base layer
  • Angle cut hinges eliminate gutter found in other designs

2. Metolius Session Crashpad

This budget friendly and super versatile pad is always a good choice. The Session is a great complement to the Magnum pad.

  • Flap-closure-system with stash pocket keeps your gear secure
  • Burly outer fabrics and carpeted cross-clipper logo keeps shoes clean
  • 4″ sandwich foam design for maximum impact absorption and angled hinge eliminates the gutter
  • Aluminum buckles – guaranteed for life

3. Petzl Nimbo Crashpad

Picking up one of this starter pads may be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to bouldering alone. Falling on the start of a roof problem can be just as dangerous as the top out.

  • Designed for sit-starts and for protecting a space between two crashpads
  • Up-close protection for the climber
  • Backup pad
  • Firm foam for better cushioning
  • Practical to use and to carry with its handle

4. Some Basic Non-locking Carabiners

These will be used to attach gear and shoes to your crashpads for easy transport.

The Setup

Bouldering Solo

The setup for climbing alone is simple, pads are your friends, weight is your enemy. The trick is to pack light so you have some energy left after the approach. The exact setup you go with might vary depending on the length of the approach.

If you have an hour long uphill hike, you might want to leave a pad and take extra water, but if you can drive with a few hundred feet of the boulders then you can make multiple trips.

The following setup is not the best for every situation, but it will work well for most.

  1. Attach the Magnum to the Session pad by cinching down the closure on the Trifold. This will secure both pads together.
  2. Shove the starter pad in between the Trifold and Bifold pads. This pad is very thin so it will fit in easily.
  3. Attach Climbing essentials, such as shoes and chalk using carabiners. If you want to bring some food get a High-Quality Bag to clip on.
  4. Shove items that cannot be clipped to the outside into the regular Bifold crashpad. Typically, this will be water bottles, guidebooks, and extra layers. This is where the Metolius Session really shines. Its unique design keeps anything to shove inside of it secure. No more lost gear!
  5. Get out there and start Sending Solo Style

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