Climber Holiday Gift Ideas

As the Holiday season approaches Climbers have 2 things on their minds: Prime Temps and Gear!

Rocktown BoulderingAlthough sending your favorite Climber good weather would be the greatest gift of all its just not possible. So you only have one option, get some gear!

The type of gear that a Climber wants depends on what type of climbing they do most often. The main types of Climber are:

  • Beginner Climbers
  • Boulderers
  • Lead Climbers
  • Gym Climbers

This article will help explain what the different types of climbing are and which one best fits the climber you are looking for.

Below we will list the best gifts for each climbing type.

Beginner Climbers

A Beginner Climber is someone who has been climbing for less than one year. These climbers typically climb only in the gym and need less gear than some of the more advanced climbers. These climbers are also less picky about what gear they want so this makes your job that much easier!

Beginner Shoes

The Scarpa Force are some the best shoes for any Beginner Climber. Also, check out the women's equivalent. 


Beginner Climbing Harness

This package will make sure your beginner climber is ready for any adventure they can come up with!


Beginner Backpack

Every climber needs a cool bag to put all their new gear in! Petzl makes some of the best packs out there.


Bouldering Gear

Boulderers are climbers who climb things less than 25 feet high without the use of ropes. This type of climbing is more powerful than rope climbing and packs a serious amount of difficulty into just a few moves. These climbers need aggressive shoes, crash pads, and a good set of brushes to make sure they can climb there best!

Bouldering Shoes

The most popular Bouldering shoes in the world are the La Sportiva Solutions. See more options here.


Crash Pad

A Metolius Session Crash Pad is the perfect gift for any Boulderer. See this page for more details on the best crash pads.


Brush Set

Bouldering is all about friction. Brushes help Boulderers get the rock clean and ready to be climbed.


Lead Climbing Gear

Lead Climbing is also known as Sport Climbing. This is where the climber uses ropes as protection while climbing. These climbers need ultralight gear and technical climbing shoes. 

Climbing Harness

A climbing harness is what keep a climber safe. Having the best one possible will let the climber be comfortable all day!


Sport Climbing Shoes

The La Sportiva Miuras have been a favorite among the climbing community for over 20 years. More options here


Rope Gloves

Having a good pair of rope gloves can make a climbers day so much better!


Gym Climber

Gym Climbers typically go most, if not all, of their climbing in the gym. These climbers may be competition climbers or not live close to real rocks. Gym Climbers will need rugged shoes, as well as, a harness and a good gym bag. 

Gym Shoes

These shoes are made specifically for the gym. They are machine washable! Check out more option here.


Gym Harness

Simple yet effective. This harness will keep your climbers safe as well as comfortable during long gym sessions.


Gym Bag

This gym bag will make your climber look good as well as hold all the gear they got this season!


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