Best Core Workout for Climbers

In case you haven’t heard, core strength is a very important part of climbing. Other than finger strength, the core is the most important aspect of a climbers training routine.

Ab workout for climbersWith a weak core, you will be unable to transfer power from your feet and legs to your upper body. Having a strong core is most important for undercling moves, overhanging roof climbs, and tensiony face climbs.

The problem is that the core is often under trained and not fully utilized whilst climbing. The average beginner climber’s core is often so much stronger than their fingers that they don’t very feel the need to strengthen it. As the rest of your body catches up your core can slowly fall behind without you even noticing.

Having a good workout routine is key to keep those abs of steel. Working out your core is far from glamorous. It takes lots of work and dedication with little signs of improvement. You could consult the world wide web and find a million different gimmicky routines that promise “6-minute abs” while blasting you with advertisements and offering no results.

If you want to get strong you have to put in the work, but you also have to have a plan that works. Finding a specific climbing related core routine is not an easy task but we have sifted through the web (including dark web and Jimmy Webb…) to find the best core routine for climbers.

The Core Workout Routine for Climbers

The routine was developed by Lisa Chulich and originally posted on the Alex Tsway Youtube channel.

This workout plan consists of 2 separate routines, one called a “Base Core Progression” and the other called an “Advanced Core Progression.” As the name would suggest, the Base workout is more beginner focused and the Advanced workout is well, more advanced.

Base Core Progression

The base core progression should be done at first to build a “base” for the more intense training ahead. The plan has 3 levels of training which increase from easy to difficult.

This workout can be done without any equipment (other than an optional dumbbell) so it is perfect for a home workout.

Our experience with this routine is that form is key. If you don’t do the exercises right you won’t be get the results you want.

Please watch the video below and then go to the following link to download the PDF. Make sure to look at Defyapp’s other stuff!

Advance Plank Progression

This workout require quite a bit more strength then the last workout. For this routine you will be using an exercise ball and doing some balance intensive moves.

Make sure to work on the previous progression before jumping straight into this one.

You can download the PDF for this workout here.


Core is one of the most important things a climber can train. Having a quality workout can be the difference between sending your project or coming up short.

Make sure to check out our Strength Training Guide and leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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