Women's Climbing Shoes

Best Climbing Shoes for Women

As a female climber is it hard to find information on the best Women’s climbing shoes. Most articles online are either gender neutral or highly biased toward males. Women’s feet often have a different shape than men’s. This means that getting the right shoe can be crucial to your climbing career. The main features you need Read more about Best Climbing Shoes for Women[…]

Ninja Warrior Equipment

American Ninja Warrior Training Equipment – Gear List (2017)

Are you trying to get ready for the next season of American Ninja Warrior and looking for all the right ninja warrior equipment? Well, look no further! We have all the Ninja Warrior Training Equipment listed below. If you have figured it out yet, grip strength is the most important quality for a Ninja Warrior to Read more about American Ninja Warrior Training Equipment – Gear List (2017)[…]

Rock Climbing Shoes Beginners

Top 5 – Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners (2017)

Are you new to Rock Climbing and looking for the best climbing shoe for a beginner? Well, you’re in luck. Most newbie’s climb in rental shoes for the first couple of weeks. Rental shoes are nice for a bit but investing in a solid shoe for yourself is an invaluable acquisition for your climbing career. There are Read more about Top 5 – Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners (2017)[…]

Climbing Supplements

Climbing Supplements – Next Level Training (2017)

Climbing pushes the body to its limit. To get stronger and climb harder you must make sure you are eating healthy and getting proper nutrition. When diet is not enough, supplements can help you get the boost you need. The 3 main things that supplements can help a climber with are: Muscle Stamina Muscle Recovery Read more about Climbing Supplements – Next Level Training (2017)[…]

Bouldering Alone

Bouldering Solo – Climbing Solidtude

Bouldering Alone Climbing has always been done in pairs, relying on a partner to catch your falls. Although it is always fun to have a friend to climb with, our busy lives and numerous commitments make it hard to find a partner that can fit a schedule. Incomes Solo Bouldering. Bouldering has exploded onto the Read more about Bouldering Solo – Climbing Solidtude[…]

Rock Climbing

Top 5 – Where to Buy Climbing Shoes

Where should you buy climbing shoes? As rock climbing gyms become more and more popular all around the world these questions need to be answered! The right climbing shoes can be all the makes the difference during your next gym session. Make sure you buy your climbing shoes from the right place. Well, you are in luck! Read more about Top 5 – Where to Buy Climbing Shoes[…]