Considerations to Make When Hiking with Back Pain

There are few things more relaxing than a peaceful hike. But a hike with back pain is the furthest thing from relaxing. Back pain is something a lot of people will experience in their lifetime and it’s only gotten worse in recent years. In 2009, researchers at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill found Read more about Considerations to Make When Hiking with Back Pain[…]

Bouldering Basics

Bouldering Basics (Beginners Guide)

Bouldering is a fast-growing discipline in the rock climbing world. If you recently made your first trip to an indoor gym you probably noticed a large section of climbing walls about 10-15 feet high without any ropes. This wall is for Bouldering. If you are unclear on to what the difference between Rock Climbing and Bouldering is Read more about Bouldering Basics (Beginners Guide)[…]

Climbing Dictonary

Rock Climbing Terminology – Climbing Slang

Are you having trouble understanding and conversing with other Climbers at the gym or crag? Does it seem like they are speaking some obscure language when talking about climbing? Slang is a huge part of how climbers communicate to each other. This can be anything from how a hold feels to how terrifying a route is. Hopefully reading Read more about Rock Climbing Terminology – Climbing Slang[…]


Top 3 – Best Hammocks for Camping

Are you tired of camping on the uneven ground and waking up feeling sore and restless? Well, get ready to start Hammock Camping! Until recently hammocks were mainly only seen strung up between palm trees on tropical islands. Unfortunately for us climbers, these are often not the conditions for world class climbing. That being said, the Read more about Top 3 – Best Hammocks for Camping[…]

Climbing Pack

What’s In My Climbing Pack?

New sport climbers often over-prepare for their first weekend at the crag. Your partner, hopefully an experienced climber, can typically help you sort necessities from extra gear. But that’s not always the case, or maybe your partner isn’t experienced, and your weekend pack is currently stuffed to the brim with unnecessary gear, which makes the Read more about What’s In My Climbing Pack?[…]

Rock Climbing Jobs

The Best Jobs for a Rock Climber

Professional Rock Climber – end post…. If it was only that easy. Unfortunately for most of us Gumbies, getting paid to climb is a bit unrealistic. Besides getting a gig working the front desk at a gym there aren’t any easily attenable incomes that directly relate to climbing. The problem with Rock Climbing is that it Read more about The Best Jobs for a Rock Climber[…]

Bouldering Alone

Bouldering Solo – Climbing Solidtude

Bouldering Alone Climbing has always been done in pairs, relying on a partner to catch your falls. Although it is always fun to have a friend to climb with, our busy lives and numerous commitments make it hard to find a partner that can fit a schedule. Incomes Solo Bouldering. Bouldering has exploded onto the Read more about Bouldering Solo – Climbing Solidtude[…]

Things Beginner Climbers Need to Know

Climbing as a beginner can feel overwhelming, especially in today’s mega gyms. Climbing next to hundreds of people that know what they are doing can make your first few months at the gym uncomfortable and cause you to stop going. Don’t let this happen to you!  Here are a few things to get you started Read more about Things Beginner Climbers Need to Know[…]