Rock Climbing Jobs

The Best Jobs for a Rock Climber

Professional Rock Climber – end post…. If it was only that easy. Unfortunately for most of us Gumbies, getting paid to climb is a bit unrealistic. Besides getting a gig working the front desk at a gym there aren’t any easily attenable incomes that directly relate to climbing. The problem with Rock Climbing is that it Read more about The Best Jobs for a Rock Climber[…]

Bouldering Alone

Bouldering Solo – Climbing Solidtude

Bouldering Alone Climbing has always been done in pairs, relying on a partner to catch your falls. Although it is always fun to have a friend to climb with, our busy lives and numerous commitments make it hard to find a partner that can fit a schedule. Incomes Solo Bouldering. Bouldering has exploded onto the Read more about Bouldering Solo – Climbing Solidtude[…]

Things Beginner Climbers Need to Know

Climbing as a beginner can feel overwhelming, especially in today’s mega gyms. Climbing next to hundreds of people that know what they are doing can make your first few months at the gym uncomfortable and cause you to stop going. Don’t let this happen to you!  Here are a few things to get you started Read more about Things Beginner Climbers Need to Know[…]

Climbing vs Bouldering

Rock Climbing vs Bouldering

What’s the difference? When it comes to the term “climbing” there can be a lot of confusion. What is the difference between Rock Climbing vs Bouldering? Bouldering vs Rock Climbing is not exactly black and white. In a sense, Rock Climbing is a more general term that includes all types of rock climbing, whereas, bouldering a specific type Read more about Rock Climbing vs Bouldering[…]