Rumbling Bald Climbing – Bouldering on Kitchen Countertops

The Bald is a place with a multitude of beautiful white and black streaked granite boulders. Located only an hour outside of Asheville NC this area is a must visit for any Bouldering fanatic.

Rumbling Bald also offers some of the premier Trad Climbing in the area. With hundreds of routes on the cliffs if ropes are your thing you have to make a trip.

For this review, we will only be discussing the Bouldering on the mountain.

Bouldering at The Bald

Rumbling Bald has so many classic lines and everything from V0 to Vsick! The new Guidebook also has almost 100 open projects printed in it, making this a great area for the strong folks looking for FAs.

Rumbling Bald Bouldering The Rock at Rumbling Bald is about as good as it gets. The high friction granite features sick crimpers, splitter cracks, and square slopers. The Bald also keeps true to the Southern Style of slopey and stout top-outs.

This area is known for being a humbling place. Don’t expect to go flash problems at your limit. You have to earn every climb.

That being said, the classics range all grades so there is something for everyone.

Note: The parking is an issue at Rumbling Bald (especially during the weekends). There are limited spots so make sure to get there early and park close to the car next to you. If the lot is full you have to park in town and hike in…

The approach is approximately 20-30 minutes depending on where you go. The hike is steep in some sections so packing light is suggested. Don’t let this deter you though, the climbing is worth it!

The parking lot closes at a specific time depending on the month and date. You can find info on this in the parking area. Make sure to make it out by this time or you will find a very unhappy park ranger next to your car.

Where to Stay

This is undoubtedly the worst part about The Bald. Free camping is nonexistent and Asheville is about an hour away. If you are just on a day trip or have friends that live nearby you are good to go.

Rumbling Bald Bouldering

Otherwise, camping is fairly expensive. You can find info on the nearby camping areas here.

If you have the funds, Airbnb is a good option. There are also many motels in town.

Season and Weather

The season for Bouldering at Rumbling Bald is similar to many of the other areas in the South.

Winter is ideal but late Fall and Early Spring is also good.

Rumbling Bald will dry out fast from rain so in climate weather should only shut you down for half a day or so.

The Best of Rumbling Bald

Rumbling Bald ClimbingEasy (V0-V2)

Moderate (V3-V5)

Hard (V6-Vsick)

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