Stone Fort (AKA Little Rock City) Bouldering

When your golf outing gets vertical

This Bouldering field goes by many names: Stone Fort, Little Rock City, LRC, Montlake Golf Course. Whatever you call it - one thing is certain: there is no shortage of amazing problems in the mountain top bouldering paradise.

Super Mario LRC

How do I get there?

Stone Fort is located in the small town of Soddy Daisy, 20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga. LRC is owned by Montlake Golf Course, and yes, you walk around the 18th green to get to the front area which is unique, to say the least. Google Maps is the best way to find it as the golf course comes up easily with a quick search. CAUTION: don’t mistakenly route yourself to Rock City on Lookout Mountain, you will be very disappointed once you get there. The course charges a fee for climbing on the property, which is a deterrent for some, but if you are after rad lines and endless potential, it’s worth the extra dough.


Gear for the day

Any of gear needs can be taken care of in Chattanooga at Rock Creek. They have all the things you could need for a weekend of bouldering. If you want to rent a crash pad, Anvil will be your best option. Last minute things, such as chalk or a brush can be purchased at the clubhouse when you are checking in.

Where do I stay?

Dirtbag option

Free camping in Chatty is hard to come by. The best option is the T-Wall Parking lot. It is a bit of a drive from LRC but it’s a nice spot right on the Tennessee River. The other option is the Walmart parking lot that is right before you head up the mountain to LRC. It’s close to the climbing but not as secure or comfortable. As always use your best judgment.


Poor College Student Option

There are a few campgrounds that charge a fee to stay. My favorite is Chester Frost Campground due to its close proximity to Stone Fort. If you have a few people the site will end up costing less than $5 a person so this is a good option for bigger groups.


Boujee Option

The CrashPad is a 5-star hostel for the average climber. The bunks go for around $35 a night. They have hot showers and complimentary breakfast (which you cook for yourself). You will definitely meet lots of cool people if you decide to spend the extra money for the less outdoorsy sleeping experience.


What to climb?

Honestly, it’s hard to get on something bad here, but there are definitely some standouts. I will list out the top 5 must do climbs for each category. You will want to pick up the official Stone Fort Guide to get detailed information on all the climbs in the field. This is one of the better books out there so you will not be wasting your cash.

LRC Bouldering

Don't see your favorite problems? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Stone Fort (AKA Little Rock City) Bouldering

    • Absolutely Charlie! Two of Stone Fort’s greatest lowballs for sure.

      There are honestly too many good climbs at LRC. Even if I list the top 50 there will still be so many left out.

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