Top 5 – Where to Buy Climbing Shoes

Where should you buy climbing shoes?

As rock climbing gyms become more and more popular all around the world these questions need to be answered! The right climbing shoes can be all the makes the difference during your next gym session. Make sure you buy your climbing shoes from the right place.

Well, you are in luck! Starting out rock climbing can be very difficult, both mentally and physically. The last thing you need to do is keep paying for those smelly, worn out, and altogether terrible rental shoes. We have all been in this position so don’t feel left out!


When purchasing climbing shoes there are 2 main categories of places you go.

  1. The Internet
  2. Your Local Gym or Climbing Store

The internet has great selection and prices. It is also easy to compare different retailers. Unfortunately, you have to wait for shipping and cannot try on the shoes beforehand.

Gyms and Stores can be a bit pricier than online and also have a smaller selection of styles and sizes. The plus side is you get to try them on and even test them out before you buy.

Ok, so enough rambling. Let’s find out the best places to shop.

Top 5 – Where to Buy Climbing Shoes

#5 – Sierra Trading Post

This online clearance store is a favorite among climbers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Sierra Trading Post offers deeply discounted prices on all of their inventory. Along with climbing gear, they also carry outdoor clothing, camping equipment, cycling accessories, and much more. Inventory changes daily since most products are closeouts. You will often find shoes will oddball sizes here for a complete steal so if you have a size 3 or a size 14 foot you will want to start here.

Hint: Be patient on this site. Deals come up often and will sell out fast. Wait for the right one and strike fast!

Sierra Trading Post


#4 – Local Gym

Your local gym is a good place to start looking for shoes. Some mega gyms these days may have more shoes in stock than Amazon does, and if this is your case you are in luck. If your local gym is smaller they may only have a few models and sold completely out of all men’s sizes 8 through 10 but you may just get lucky. Most climbing gyms have very knowledgeable staff as well so don’t count them out as an option.


#3 – REI

REI is a great place to purchase your first pair of climbing shoes. Not only do they have stores all over the US, they also have a great online store. If you are on a budget check out their Garage website. REI will have quite a few shoes in stock with plenty of sizes to choose from. Also if you are a member you get a 10% dividend on your purchases so you can start saving for that trad rack you didn’t even know you wanted yet.

REI Store

#2 – Amazon

You most likely haven’t heard about have you…. Joking aside Amazon is a great place you buy rock climbing shoes. Prices are competitive and if you are a Prime remember you will have your kicks in 2 days. Selection can be spotty on certain brands and styles which are why we didn’t rank them higher.

#1 Backcountry

Backcountry is an online mecca of climbing gear. You will be able to find any shoe you could ever desire on this site. Not only do they have competitive prices but they also have fast shipping and great customer service. Don’t be surprised if you get an email from one of their Gear Heads after making a purchase to make sure the shoes (or whatever ended up in shopping cart) are working out for you. Did I mention they send stickers with every purchase?

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