Zahnd Bouldering

Climbing at Zahnd Natural Area

Zahnd ClimbingUpon arriving at Zahnd you will be mesmerized by the similarity to the world class crag Rocktown. The rock at Zahnd is the same high-quality sandstone you would expect to find in the mountains of northwest Georgia. Although you will not find the multitude of classic lines that can be found at some of the other nearby areas, you will also not be bogged down by the weekend crowds.

Zahnd Natural Wildlife area was donated by the Zahnd family to Georgia Wildlife Managment. The property consists of a 169-acre plot that is littered with boulders. First ascents are plentiful at Zahnd so if exploring new rock is your thing then you need to make a trip!

At the moment Zahnd might not have enough developed problems to last the average person an entire weekend. Make sure to check out Stone Fort if you want to add some variety to your trip.

Getting There

Firstly, access to Zahnd is absolutely free! Also, navigating to there is very straightforward. If you are coming from Chattanooga you may have passed it on your way to Rocktown.

Parking at Zahnd is very limited. Right now there is probably space for approximately 10-20 cars. Please make sure to follow all posted signage. Try to optimize the parking so other can use the area as well.

Finding it on Google is now easy thanks to the team at Every Last Rock! Simply search for Zahnd Bouldering and your GPS should route you right to the climbing area. You can also use to map below.

Camping near Zahnd

At the moment, there is no camping permitted at Zahnd. That being said, Rocktown is located less than a half hour from Zahnd with free camping at Sawmill Campground. It is easy to find a good spot to set up for the night. Make sure to pack some water as there are no facilities at this campground.

If hotels are more your speed, try checking out this Crashpad Hostel in downtown Chattanooga. They will set you up with a quality bunk for the night and a hot shower.

Zahnd Climbing

Climbing Season

If you are looking for good temps your best bet is to climb from Labor day to Memorial day. During the summer months, it can get over 90° in the middle of the day.

The absolute best time to be at Zahnd is late October, November, December, January, and Early February. Early Fall and late Spring can bring excessive rainfall so make sure to check the forecast before heading out.

What to Climb?

Documentation on Zahnd is very sparse. The ultra popular climbs are Harvest Moon V8, Razor’s Edge V6, and The Wave V11/12.

More information will be coming soon so stay tuned.

UPDATE: We recently found an amazing guide offered by Caffeine and Climbing! This is by far the most complete guide there is for Zahnd Bouldering. Make sure you check them out before your next trip!

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