November 9, 2017

Guest Posting

If you are a writer looking to build your portfolio or a climber that has a story or skill they would like to share we would love to publish it on our website!

Although most contributors produce high-quality articles we have established some guidelines to help you match the standard practices of the blog.

The following guidelines should be adhered to when contributing an article.

  1. The content submitted must be 100% authentic and original (it can’t be from a previously written article even if you wrote it!)
  2. Content should be free of spelling and grammar mistakes (to the best of your abilities)
  3. Outgoing links can only be to your personal blog and relative content to the article (no SPAM!)
  4. Pictures in a post must be original or require no attributions to use.
  5. Posts should be minimum of 700 words except for special cases.
  6. Authors are expected to fill out a bio and upload a picture (the picture can be anything related to you)
  7. Authors are expected to pitch article topics that they want to write about.
  8. We reserve the right to not publish an article after it is submitted if it is unsatisfactory.
  9. We reserve the right to modify an article after it is submitted.
  10. Authors will always be given credit for their work and we appreciate all contributions!

Please Contact Us for more details on how to start writing.