Top 5 – Cameras for Climbing Photography

Best Cameras to Get Awesome Rock Climbing Pictures

Pictures are the best way to capture and share our rock climbing experiences. The problem is, 90% of the pictures are taken on a cell phone. While camera phones these days are very good quality, if you want to get one of those mindblowing Jimmy Chin pics then you need an upgrade.

Mountain Climbing Cameras are not something you can walk into your local big box store and ask a sales associate about.

The camera industry has blown up in the past few years. Cameras have been coming out with more and more advanced options and technologies.

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These technologies include:

  • High-Resolution Sensors
  • Fast and Accurate Auto Focus
  • Rapid Frame Rate
  • Electronic Viewfinders
  • Low Lighting Capabilities (High ISO Range)
  • Modular Lens Options
  • Built-in WiFi and NFC
  • And much more

Features like these help us capture the climber in the perfect moment. For tips on how to take better pictures check out This Link.

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With thousands of cameras out there on the market today it is difficult to pick which ones will work best for climbing. In these reviews, we chose cameras that met the following criteria.

  • Light Weight
  • Compact
  • High Resolution
  • Fast Auto Focus (AF)
  • Long Battery Life
  • Video Quality

With all of these things in mind here are the 5 best cameras for climbing:

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#5 GoPro HERO 5

Weight: 118g
Compact: Extremely
Resolution: 12MP
Auto Focus (AF): N/A
Battery: 1-3 hrs. est.
Video Quality: 4k 30fps, 1080 up to 120fps, 720 up to 240fps

You couldn't make a list like this without mentioning GoPro. While this is not the best for stills, it has high-quality video capabilities and it comes with an indestructible body. This is the camera that goes anywhere you go, so you will always be able to document your adventures. This would easily be the best camera for mountain climbing. While this may not be a good primary camera is it a must have for any climbing adventure.

A good alternative at a lower price point is the HERO Session


#4 Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS100

Weight: 312g
Compact: Yes
Resolution: 20.1MP
Auto Focus (AF): 49 point
Battery: 300 pictures
Video Quality: 4k 30fps

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS100 is a great option for someone looking for simplicity and quality. With a 10x zoom lens this will let you get the shots you need while keeping your pack nice and light. With extra features like 4k video and built-in WiFi, this is a great beginner level camera at a price that won't break the bank.


#3 Sony Alpha a6000

Weight: 340g
Compact: Yes
Resolution: 24.3 MP
Auto Focus (AF): 179 point
Battery: 420 pictures
Video Quality: 1080/24/60p

Best Budget GearAlthough this camera is a few years old it still has some of the best specs on the market. With a compact size, it will be able to travel anywhere and still give you the high-quality images of a full sized DSLR. This camera also comes with a removable lens so you can get some extra glass to make your camera more versatile. With a high-resolution (921,000 dots) Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) you will be able to see how the picture will come out before you take it. It also comes it a tilting LCD screen for shots that require a tough angle. This model includes WiFi and NFC capabilities for on the go sharing.

If you have the extra cash and want to get the most up to date model check out the Sony a6500 


#2 Canon EOS 80D

Weight: 730g
Compact: No
Resolution: 24.2 MP
Auto Focus (AF): 45 point
Battery: Over 1000 pictures
Video Quality: 1080 60fps

The Canon EOS 80D is a classic DSLR with some cutting-edge technologies. With very easy to use auto settings, the 80D will make anyone look like a pro. This full frame camera will not fit in your jacket pocket but you will be able to shoot high-quality images for much longer than its smaller competitors without a recharge. This camera offers a variety of lenses for purchase to make sure you can get the right shot. If you are looking for something to take more than just rock climbing pictures this will be a good option for you.


#1 Sony Alpha ar7II

Weight: 625g
Compact: No
Resolution: 42.4 MP
Auto Focus (AF): 399 point
Battery: 340 pictures
Video Quality: 4k 30fps

Best Overall GearThe Sony Alpha ar7II is the best all-around cameras on the market today. With a whopping 42.4 MP sensor, you can count on your photos coming out sharper and clearer than anyone else. Sony's AF technology is cutting edge and the ar7II has the most advanced system yet with 399 point detection. With the EVF having 2,359,296 dots, you can expect a crystal clear images with this Sony. This camera comes with 5-axis in-body image stabilization inside the camera to make sure the 4k video comes out stable and crisp. If you can afford it this is the camera you want


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Even though for all-around climbing photography these are the top 5 you may not be able to figure out which camera is best for you. We have 3 category winners that should help you narrow down your search. 

Best Value

This camera is the best overall value as well as the most versatile for the price.

Most Rugged

If you never want to worry about your camera breaking on you then this is the one for you.

Overall Best

If you have the dough this is it. You will not be disappointed this the camera.

We hope you liked the cameras listed in this article. If you have a camera you like better than the ones we listed leave a comment below or send us an email.

Keep Crushing!

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