Boat Rock Bouldering – Atlanta’s Awesome Climbing Crag

Float on over to Boat Rock 

In the metropolitan Atlanta area, climbing on anything but plastic is hard to come by. Boat Rock Climbing area is an Atlanta climber's opportunity to climb on real rock outside. Located only 20 minutes from downtown it is an ideal after work crag or a fun weekend afternoon activity.

Boat Rock bouldering

History - Atlanta's Climbing Nightmare

Boat Rock has a grim past. Most of the rocks that once made up the area, including the namesake Boat Rock, have been demolished to make room for housing developments.

Thankfully, before all the boulders were destroyed, The SCC along with The Access Fund, saved the remaining boulders. Today there are still over 200 documented problems left in the well taken care of the climbing area. Amenities include a pit toilet, signs throughout the boulder field, and benches in the classic areas, which is more than your average crag.

How to get there?

Boat Rock Bouldering Area is located just west of downtown Atlanta. Access is free, parking included, which is rare for ATL. The parking lot will fit about 20 cars, please respect any posted signs.

The Atlanta airport is the busiest airport in the United States. That is good for us climbers, it means cheap airfare! If you are looking for a destination climbing trip Atlanta is a good starting point. It is only about 2 hours to HP40, Stone Fort, and Rocktown, and about 6 hours to the Red River Gorge and countless other crags. Starting with Boat Rock could make one epic vacation!

The location can be found on the map below. Google Maps or the like will get you there no problem.

The Season

Generally, Boat Rock is considered to be a winter bouldering location, but climber can be found there all year round. The best time to go is late fall and early winter and the worst time is in the height of summer. The warmer temperatures make climbing more difficult and also bring out lots of unpleasant creatures (bugs, ticks, snakes).

Boat Rock Climbing


Ideal temperatures are days with highs around 50 F. Humidity is best around 30-40%. Make sure you check the weather before your trip!

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Where to Stay?

Unfortunately, there is no camping at Boat Rock. If you really want to make the trip cheap you will have to do some Stealth Car Camping. Most of the campgrounds near Boat Rock have less than desirable reviews so we can't suggest something now. If anything changes we will update this post.

Climbing at boat rock

The good thing is that hotels are easy to come by in Atlanta. Being one of the largest cities in The South has its advantages. If you are the type that can wait until the last minute to book try out with App Hotel Tonightthey have some real steals on same day of bookings.

Float the Boat

Every year the SCC hosts a competition at Boat Rock called Float the Boat. The competition is typically held in February while the conditions are still crisp. Make sure if you are an Atlanta local you compete in the next event. If you are from out of town it will be worth the trip. All proceeds go to acquiring and preserving climbing locations all over the Southeast. 

Boat Rock Bouldering Area

What to climb?

Granite slabs and powerful, friction dependent aretes are what Boat Rock Bouldering is all about. Finding all these climbs is another story. The problem is there is no proper guidebook for the area.  Below you will see the best stuff on mountain project. We are working on getting a PDF guidebook forBouldering at Boat Rock for you guys and gals. Subscribe to our email list to get notified when it's available.

Boat Rock

If you see something you liked or didn't like, leave us a comment below. We love your feedback and want to make this mini guide the best it can be. Thanks!

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