Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Kids

So your child is getting into Rock Climbing and you are looking for the best pair of kids climbing shoes? Good for you we are here to help!

Kids are naturally talented at Rock Climbing. Many adults that have been climbing for years cannot do what a kid can have just a few weeks.

Climbing ATCYour local gym has rental shoes but they are most likely worn out and smell bad

Let’s face it, as a parent your 3 main factors in choosing the best climbing shoes for your child are:

  1. Comfort
  2. Style
  3. Cost

Comfort for your kid’s rock climbing shoes is the utmost importance. Many climbers will tell you to fit climbing shoes extra tight. While this might be a good idea for high-level adult athletes, for children this is not necessary. Plus, kids feet grow so fast it only makes sense to buy there climbing shoes a little bit big.

Style will probably be the most important factor to your child. This includes brand and color. They may want to imitate there favorite climber or coach at the gym. There is only a limited number of kids climbing shoes available so we hope that they like one of the models offered.

Cost is important because this is most likely not be the last piece of climbing gear you purchase. If your kid is just starting out climbing then make sure they like it before investing too much. One pair of climbing shoes won’t break the bank.

Top 3 – Best Climbing Shoes for Kids

The following is our list of the three best climbing shoes for kids on the market today.

#3 Evolv Venga Kid’s Climbing Shoes

Evolv is a very trusted brand in the climbing community. The Venga climbing shoes have a beefy 4.2mm of TRAX XT-5 high friction rubber which means your kid won’t wear them out too fast.

This shoe comes with a heel strap to allow your child’s foot to grow without needing a new pair of shoes.

The overall construction of the Evolv Venga is prepared to withstand hours of gyms sessions.

#2 Mad Rock Mad Monkey Kids Climbing Shoe

What a great name for a climbing shoe, Mad Monkey! These Mad Rock shoes are the perfect fit for your wild animal kid. These vegan-friendly shoes also support 3 mm of Friction Science rubber.

The Mad Monkeys come with a simple velcro closure and heel adjustment. These shoes are good enough to get 2 seasons (or 2 kids) out of.

On Amazon, you even get a free DVD and climbing Brush with your purchase (offer at time of post).

#1 La Sportiva Stickit Kid’s Rock Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva is considered the top brand of climbing shoes in the world by many athletes. Hailing out of Italy they are constantly producing industry standards. Your kid would be the coolest one at the gym with these Stickit Climbing Shoes.

The FriXion rubber sole will give your child a performance edge and the adjustable heel strap will let their foot fit snug.

The Stickit is a simple, comfortable, and stylish design with an easy on and off velcro enclosure. You really can’t go wrong with anything made by La Sportiva

Final Thoughts

We really hope you enjoyed our review of the best kids climbing shoes. If you have any further questions or concerns leave us a comment below or send us an email.

If your kid is too big for these shoes then check out the best beginner climbing shoes.

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